A little fish in a big pond

So careers are a funny thing, right? You go to all this school (or at least, I did), then it just ends. And now you have this "qualification", and the normal expectation from our society is basically that you will now spend the majority of the rest of your waking hours doing this thing that... Continue Reading →


Horizons, old and new

What happens next? The big leap. The next chapter. Here we go.

My Cup is Full and Running Over

There are no words to accurately describe how incredible this week was, but I do want to share, so I will try. Bear with me here... Most of this week was spent at the Jerusalem community of Mustard Seeds Communities, and our time was largely spent with the children and adults with disabilities that live... Continue Reading →

I Can’t Feel at Home

In just 9 days, I will be boarding a plane headed to Mustard Seeds Communities in Kingston, Jamaica to serve the people at Mustard Seeds with some of my OT class for a week.  If you've talked to me for even 5 minutes since about October, I have probably mentioned it because I am ECSTATIC. There's something... Continue Reading →

The Whole Story

Sometimes in the midst of life, I can’t always see how every situation connects to bring me to where I am today. But it does, and God seems to do that in my life with recurring opportunities and even recurring people. It’s amazing, and He has spent the past few days really connecting all of... Continue Reading →

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